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Our Vision. Our Commitment. Our Change. | Message from our Board Chair & CEO

Friends of Goodwill: 

Last year, as our staff and board of directors worked on strategic, long-term planning for our organization, a powerful ten-year vision statement emerged that captures in a few short sentences our hopes for Goodwill and for our community: 

A community where opportunity abounds, all people are thriving, and our differences are valued. Goodwill is a community leader and decision-maker, modeling inclusivity, generosity, and hopefulness through its community programs and daily operations. It accomplishes this vision through deep strategic partnerships, mission innovation, and delivering service excellence, and is recognized as a 'best place to grow'.

Today, this vision statement is even more significant than it was when it was originally written. Over the past few weeks, we have been reminded again that we have a long way to go, as individuals and as a community, to ensure that every person is valued and respected regardless of skin color, gender, background, and circumstances.  We believe, though, that it is not only possible but necessary.   We are committed to making this vision a reality, for Goodwill and for our community.  

So, we will engage in the tough conversations and uncomfortable situations that help us move forward. We will ask difficult questions even, and especially, of ourselves. We will be respectful.  We will invest time and resources in opportunities for Goodwill associates to share their perspectives and engage with each other.  We will encourage involvement in community activities and initiatives that raise awareness.  We will take a stand.  

We will be coming together as an organization in the coming weeks to take action and have a positive impact in our community.  We hope you will commit with us to create a movement that is bigger than this moment.  Together, we will create change.

As an organization, we pride ourselves on creating opportunities and changing lives.    We pledge to serve the people in our communities with excellence and respect.  We believe our work - our mission - sustains families and builds stronger communities.   

That is our commitment. That is our mission.  That is Goodwill.  

We are privileged to learn from you and to stand alongside you as we move forward together.  

Tony Bell - Chair, Board of Directors                                   Patrick Michaels - President & CEO 

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