The Indian Jam Project. Her song meri maa made me miss my mom. I just couldn't get over Shankar's mashup of O Re Piya and Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Hands down, this is my go-to song when people ask what the strangest thing in my music library is (because I know they wouldn’t be able to handle the really obscure stuff, and this song is guaranteed to make their jaws drop). This incredible mash-up of classic country songs will seriously amaze you. Join our Community: Submit Your Music: https://www.vibesforever.netSupport T10MO: Vibes Forever: Subscribe to our other music channels can resolve any issues prior striking for a copyright takedown. Avanie has come a long way since her first appearance on Channel V and MTV. 10 Best Mashups of All Time, as voted by Mixed In Key - Daniel Kim, DJ Earworm, Madeon, Girl Talk, Shane 54 and more. Best of Popular Songs 2019 | Mashup Remixes Mix ... - YouTube YouTube artists create crossover art of two different games that share remarkable similarities in art style: Dark Souls and Hollow Knight. For resources and best practices designed to help you in a changing environment, please visit Once you have exhausted this list, be sure to check out … She has also sung for an ad campaign with Just Trust Me as the song. Her mashup on Nicki Minaj's single "Truffle Butter" and Ram Sampath's Ambarsariya, is one of our favourites. 30 country music artists have all come together to celebrate The 50th Annual CMA Awards with the new music video 'Forever Country.' 30 Country Artists Join Together To Sing Mashup Of Classics - Christian Music Videos. Have a request for a song or information? Avanie has done shows like Gumrah, Confessions Of An Indian Teenager and Halla Bol. Avanie's Chahun Main Ya Na, a year ago, catapulted her into limelight with a million views on YouTube. Have one you can't remember the name of? Valentine Love Mashup 2020 | DJ Mcore | Best ... - Vidya has already been mentioned as the from Shankar Tucker Band but there is more to the band. You'll love Tujhe Bhula Diya's piano cover. Best Top 10 Mashups, Ever Pop Danthology 2014 Daniel Kim … If you are fond of acoustic covers, Studio Unplugged is the channel you should be subscribing to. Not only acoustic covers, instrumental cover and originals on youtube, Amika is behind the screen to give voice for various advertisement campaigns. International Mashup Olympiad. You should also check out her mashup of Hossana and Love Me Like You Do and Lean On and Jind Mahi. Log In Sign Up. It's her voice that made me put the cover on loop. Before foraying into television, she was a YouTube star who landed up there by a freak chance but just got into the mode! Update your designs with a few clicks. She is one talented singer to watch out for! And I just cannot function without my dose of Bollywood music on a daily basis! Looking for new mashups? DJ N-Wee's mashup album features 14 tracks blending Jay-Z's Black Album with Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted, with the cover image blending art from the two albums. The mashup is a very unappreciated art-form, and if you don’t believe me, indulge in the following inventive creations. My inspiration came from What's the Mashup? I am such a sucker for Bollywood music that I have a song ready in my mind for any situation that I am in. All your images, colors, and fonts are in one place which saves you time and energy with every design. Because my mother raised me right, I decided to compile all … I use this website for finding new mashups/mashup artists, give it a try. Close • Posted by. Shankar’s musical style blends Classical music, Indian folk music traditions, jazz, pop music and electronic to create a unique and original fusion sound. A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or … Press J to jump to the feed. Composer and pianist Akash Gandhi started the YouTube channel, 88 Keys To Euphoria, which does instrumental covers of popular songs. She created a storm at IIT Hyderabad with her musical gig on Love Me Like You Do, leaving us awestruck. This subreddit is dedicated to musical mashups. Best of YouTube Music ... Mashups I Dig From Other Mashup Artists oneboredjeu Mashup; 20 videos; 38,743 views; Last updated on Apr 27, 2019 ; … Along with her electric voice, her music covers have visuals which are a visual treat. Composer and pianist Akash Gandhi started the YouTube channel, 88 Keys To Euphoria, which does instrumental covers of popular songs. Earlier this week I went down a YouTube K-hole searching mashups of popular songs. Have a request for a song or information? Bootie Mashup Top 10 – November 2020 It’s the end of a tumultuous election season, so this month’s opener for the Top 10 should come as no surprise, courtesy of our very own Lobsterdust . You are going to love them: Darshit Nayak is an independent singer and songwriter from Ahmedabad. The best mashups usually come from unlikely places. She is quite a sensation on YouTube. YouTube Rewind - YouTube Rewind is a yearly video series produced and released by YouTube, starting in 2010. A student of Carnatic classical music, Vidya performs regularly as a vocalist of the Shankar Tucker Band. This is the place. Mashup-Germany, DJs From Mars and DJ Earworm are really good mashup artists. Their cover of Duaa is worth a listen. E! ( but I didn't manage 100! Looking for new mashups? Rasmeet's cover of Tere Bina from Guru stands out. Check out Truffle Butter's cover version here. Here are some artists who are rocking YouTube with their Bollywood covers and mashups. I would express my happiness by singing a song and then breaking into an impromptu dance gig. A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. This subreddit is dedicated to musical mashups. You can listen to her tanglish cover on Dum Maaro Dum here. Vidya is an Indian-born American who loves to travel, eat and sing. They may not be the best cover artists out there but these guys definitely deserve recognition. This includes deletion of uploads, additional credit and/or a generous compensation.mashup songsremix songsBest of Popular Songs 2019 | Mashup Remixes Mix (2019) As Girl Talk, Gregg Gillis was arguably the most famous mashup artist of the era, but he hasn’t released anything since 2010’s excellent All Day. Some of his other popular covers include mashups of Kabhi Jo Badal Barse, Maahi and Judaai and Tum Saath Ho. All of the mashups were hand-selected by our Bootie Mashup DJs on Twitch — Adriana A, Tyme, Jupiter Gatling, Lobsterdust, Airsun, EN8, and PDS Mix — and mixed by Adriana A. With the insanely in … It mixes an a cappella version of rapper Jay-Z's The Black Album with samples from the Beatles' self-titled ninth album, commonly known as "The White Album". You might have heard Sanam Puri singing Ishq Bulaava from Hasee Toh Phasee. Mommy, I am coming home! User account menu • AnDyWuMUSICLAND - Golden Mess (Various Artists) - [11:20] Mashup. Once you’ve created your YouTube banner, you can easily create all your other YouTube channel art within the Canva editor. Think, it can become one of your favourites too, check it out for yourself here. I was initially using this on mobile device but I thought it was taking a bit long so I switched over to desktop to see if it would load better being connected via ethernet. Looking for new mashups? Her covers have fetched as many as 5 million hits on YouTube. If you can relate to all of that too, welcome to the club! DJNoNo - Christmas Wapping (There's Ho Ho's In This House) (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion vs. Check out Gerua's cover here. He's responsible for that epic Taylor Swift/Britney Spears mashup of … Don't go by her cute face, Shirley Setia is so much more than that. Her melodious and husky voice is the reason for her breath-taking performances. This is the place. Have one you can't remember the name of? A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. It’s highly recommended that you add these artists on Soundcloud for more equally awesome music. Artist Creates Amazing Dark Souls and Hollow Knight Mashup. I was originally able to use RaveDJ perfectly fine earlier today, but this one mashup has been stuck in "Your mashup has been queued to be created" for a couple hours. Sanam was a YouTube artist and the lead vocalist of the band, Sanam, before breaking into mainstream Bollywood music. Shraddha Sharma started her career by uploading acoustic cover of Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki but it was Haal-E-Dil from Murder 2 which went viral with more than 2 million views. Shankar himself plays a wide range of instruments in his recordings: piano, bass, kanjira, tabla, and other percussion instruments. Most mashups tend to combine hyper-Gen Z artists and chart toppers to maximize fan engagement, like the viral mashup by Carneyval that used Post … While many of these mashup have appeared on previous Top 10s, there were a few 11th hour entries that we just discovered. Have a … Too Good For Radio presents the 50 best mashups of the year, all available for stream and most for download below. Often times, when combining music from two distinct artists something wonderful happens — if you don’t believe me just listen to Danger Mouse’s infamous “Grey album.” It is for this reason why the “Death Cab for Yeezy” mashup … IMO, and I'm gay so I have good taste in pop music, Andy Wu is one of the best mashup artists alive. 3. From classics like Lag Jaa Gale to new hits like Sanam Re, we've heard all Bollywood songs over and over again. Have one you can't remember the name of? AnDyWuMUSICLAND - Golden Mess (Various Artists) - [11:20] youtube … Those who are avid viewers of teen dramas on Channel V and MTV, must be familiar with Avanie. Her Banjaara's cover version is a personal favourite. Now, you can promote your live events on YouTube. They feature both old and new songs, and frequently do some good mashups too. While singers in Bollywood are doing a great job with these soulful songs, there are some other underrated singers who're giving a different meaning to these original numbers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. YouTube tests whether you’ll ever get sick of Bad Guy with an endless Billie Eilish mashup Thousands of cover videos played to the same beat By Kait Sanchez Nov 23, 2020, 5:39pm EST Most of the rest of this month’s playlist comes from our extended Bootie Mashup fam and associates, from the U.S. to Scotland, Germany, and France. Way to go, girl! And, how can I forget, she has done a fantastic job with Gerua's version! Amika Shail's mom is the inspiration behind her music. It is a mash-up of various videos that went viral on the website in the previous year. YouTube artist Isosine rose to fame with this pop-screamo jam in 2011, and it remains just as fun to listen to today. Her cover of Bol Do Na Zara reached a million views on YouTube in just 2 weeks. A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. With the insanely in-sync musical instruments, the band has now grown to become one of the most recognized brands on YouTube dedicated to acoustic Bollywood music. The Grey Album is a mashup album by Danger Mouse, released in 2004. With the tabla and the flute, the song transported me to infinity. Whether on platform or off, YouTube is committed to helping artists build meaningful connections with fans. Darshit has done numerous Bollywood music covers, the most noteworthy being Tum Hi Ho which garnered more than 6 lakh hits. 8 minutes ago.