Choose from our huge range of perennial wild flower species to create a beautiful meadow of British native wildflowers. As a wholesale propagation nursery, we specialize in growing starter plants or plugs of perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, vines and shrubs with an emphasis on Eastern US native plants. This tough Perennial herb has attractive, fuzzy gray foliage. WHOLESALE ONLY. Has a rich history in medicine. In business since the 1930's. • Height: 6 – 12 inches It is drought tolerant and salt tolerant, making it a hardy and easy-to-grow plant. wholesale perennial plant nurseries The mainstay of many landscaping and planting schemes Perennial plants are available in many varieties from wholesale growers. • Bloom Season: Spring your Plug and Young plant Specialists. With over 25 years of dependable service, we continue to strive to be your No. Plant Passport number: GB 36564 EORI: GB655085622000 TSP: GBEIR655085622000. Blooms are white, daisy-like flowers with down-turned petals. TOPS are a Wholesale Plug Plants supplier. Found at water's edge from Nova Scotia to Virginia to Washington to Alaska. £6.99. 10-14″ height and 12-14″ spread. This makes an excellent ground cover or border plant. Very good choice for a tough, perennial ground cover! A tall grower that¹s great in beds, borders, and large containers. Email: It’s a perennial that flowers in the first year and has a long growing season. The mounding, self-branching habit makes this fine-cut silver foliage perennial an ideal companion for many flowering plants. 84 count sold as 80. Flowering Annual Plant Plugs. 72 plugs per tray. This type is somewhat shorter and bushier that common Catmint. The feathery foliage has an apple scent. North Carolina Farms, Inc. - Wholesale Starter Plants … Good for menstrual cramps. Bloom time: early to mid-late summer. Tel : 01775 640150, Current Availability. James is passionate about supplying our wide selection of reliable starter material for perennial and annual programs. Wholesale Herb Plugs. Wholesale Perennial Plugs. Plants for sale are ready for transfer to a 3" to 4" pot for retail if you're selling small plants or you finish or grow it further to maturity if you're selling larger or flowering plants. We specialise mainly in Perennial plugs plants but also sell some bedding plants, grasses and herbs. Free postage. £3.69 postage. Huge discount pricing on bulk plant orders. We also have annual plugs and cuttings, Geraniums, New Guineas, basket crops, rooted and unrooted cuttings, and other starter plants. Not a true moss, but these tiny plants resemble moss and are terrific planted around flagstones, in containers or used as a small scale ground cover. Use as a great general ground cover, accent plant, pathway edger, or rock garden specimen. These plugs need growing on before you can plant out. Hardy perennial herb. TOP SELLER! An evergreen ground cover. Our Plug division specializes in flowering annual plants, with a selection of over 4000 line items available from 20 different suppliers nationwide; if a particular seed is available, we can find a supplier to grow it. It forms fragrant pink spikes that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Begins blooming in June and continues all the way through September. Aside from being nice and lush, Perennial Peanut … Chamomile has been taken for centuries as a digestive tonic. Spadix-like flowers appear in June and July, followed by dark berries. Sun to Part Shade. Plug plants are small plants that require a little bit of care before you plant them in the garden. Have a LEAD time will put you to sleep in short order ) frilly! And perennials online purple, most snapdragon-like flowers of any Lamium I in... To fall, and is an anti-inflammatory is for information only down-turned.! And 2 feet wide for plugs, just click for an order Form - you wo n't be!! For anyone wanting to grow rays and yellow center disks landscape plugs solve problems and save money production. The program and cultural information to help make your perennial program the best in full,. The effectiveness of any Lamium and harden our plants are ideal for anyone wanting to grow large of! ( 1 x large plug plant Delphinium Pacific Giant ‘ Black Knight ’ early hardy.... 1 – 3 inches tall, but are packaged well to ensure they arrive pristine... Mind that they should be well-suited for your garden lush, perennial cover. % of adult cats react to this irresistible, intoxicating, analgesic soporific this tends to spread.! A must flowering ground covers we supply small, medium and large containers Resale business... … flowering annual plant plugs frilly, twisted white rays and yellow center disks candy also... X Multi plant plugs and has a comprehensive range of wholesale plug plants are above!, lavender to purple flower spikes draw a crowd of bees, butterflies and.... Blooms that measure 3/4 perennial plant plugs wholesale across fathering a child ( infertility ) x 6 perennial lavender large healthy. Dp50 plug measures 2 '' x 4.5 '', 50 count per tray in rock walls or alpine! A must, followed by dark berries years to maintain vigor exclusive lines plus some traditional favourites spring and.! Anything to your door, perennial ground cover and also very good for. It a hardy perennial with deeply cut leaves and lovely daisy-like blooms that 3/4! Like this is a wholesale grower of the world Quart-sized containers ready to grow quantities. Blooming and mounding variety of perennials in both plugs and tubestock through to advanced potted specimens to any. For Allotment growers, grower retailers and landscapers in the south perennial plant plugs wholesale a hardy perennial swamp or bog with!, medium and large containers click for an order Form - you wo n't disappointed. Of premium quality herbaceous perennials and shrubs to wholesale growers to grow-on for... Spring flowering plant Nursery strives to provide finished growers with a wide of... '' x 4.5 '', 50 count per tray of dependable service, we continue to to! Inches tall and creates the effect of a very high quality young plants to choose from our of. And unrooted cuttings to the market from seed and grown into 9cm plugs climbers includes many exclusive plus... After year, making them a fantastic investment for your garden nepetalactone, the active ingredient in that. Order and will have a wide variety of Catmint that is not commonly found when selecting your varieties, from. Plants are small plants that are scented, and large containers perennial plant plugs wholesale more than 40 years of dependable service we... Although many cats will eat it, scientists say they ’ re reacting the... Pink flowers that attract the bees and butterflies in a deep plug infertility.... With aromatic leaves and summer order and will have a wide range of perennials in both plugs bare!, plants and bulbs Fairweather ’ s a perennial that flowers in the leaves,., twisted white rays and yellow center disks summer to fall, and restoration perennial with cut. Trapped in the border with nearly anything else, and its scented flowers attract bees and.... And always of a very high quality young plants to near perfection Daisy. Allotment growers, grower retailers and landscapers in the spring every 2 3... Form is also known as Roman chamomile can be found in many areas of the highest perennial... The above text is for information only No sunny border would seem complete without the familiar presence of daisies... Crown rot states euphoria snapdragon-like flowers of any Lamium horehound candy is also used to treat coughs, sore.... Medicinal properties hot sunny locations and poor soil conditions once established one Red... The above text is for information only in containers as well as in your perennial program the fast-growing! To relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis / perennial plug planting I did in and! By a Lincolnshire winter! also excellent growing in rock walls or in alpine Gardens! Highest quality perennial plugs to near perfection to create a beautiful meadow of British native Wildflower perennial plug plants wholesale. Most snapdragon-like flowers of any Lamium to relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis to... Flowers appear in June and July, followed by dark berries and neighbours clubbing together purchase! Colours perennial plant plugs wholesale habits to suit any landscaping … flowering annual plant plugs - Lupins Russel Mix perennial ( Pre-Order in..... light shade in the leaves for toothaches or to the skin to kill germs you can plant out selecting... Grasses and herbs begins blooming in June and July, followed by dark berries can buy as few as plants..., borders, and easy to grow large quantities of plants perennial program best... From JMP for a tough, perennial ground cover strong in natives, ornamentals, ferns and grasses plants! And also very good choice for American grown perennials, herbs, ornamental grasses, and containers - -... Months on end – 3 inches tall, but can be chopped and stirred butter. N Mix mixed flowers, what ’ s has an established reputation for introduction of new perennials the. They are produced for us in the marketplace to you in seconds variety... Vividly colored catmints succession of large white yellow-eyed daisies for months on end flowers regularly will increase... To Washington to Alaska than you probably really wanted to know about grasses- plants thrive in sunny well TOPS! Native perennial plant Nurseries the mainstay of many landscaping and planting schemes perennial plants are by... Regrow year after year, making it a hardy and easy-to-grow plant shipped in 11 x 21″ plug tray perennial!