Just got done using Valspar Contractor’s PVA Primer on drywall, and we were VERY disappointed. I need to cover up black and HOT HOT HOT pink walls… My question is do i have to prime and then paint or can i get paint with primer in it.. Note: Valspar products are available at Lowes and if this is your prefered brand of paint and/or primer, you should grab our Lowe’s Coupon before making the purchase. Alan – I used Sharpies to write on the primer and used KILZ over top. KJ-You’ll definitely need to prime first… and you’ll probably want to lightly sand the surface since ikea furniture will already be varnished. Walls smooth finish, hopefully to a level 4 finish. I’m in Moscow, figuring out how to paint some IKEA furniture. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. In regards to KILZ, I’ve seen the magic it has worked on one of my own catastrophic rooms. Drywall Talk - Professional Drywall and Finishing Contractors Forum. It’s also important to know that the darker the inverted image, the brighter the sample meaning less of the previous color is showing through. Don’t expect full hide with any primer until after top coating and completing the project entirely. I am in the process of painting paneling in a mobile home. When the car is parked and the garage door is closed after a rainstorm, the humidity and dampness has caused the ceiling popcorn and drywall tapes to loosen and fall off. This product has texture in it. Flat deck above leaked. Maybe not a bright white but a small bit of off white… HELP…. We removed wallpaper from drywall. But if you have something nasty like tobacco stains, use the Zinsser. A fair comparison would have been to use only water based primer and use Kilz and/or Zinsser water based products. The patterns of the mobile home were picked out by an elderly lady. There are specific primers just for drywall but they don’t offer good coverage for staining. For IKEA furniture or laminate shelving or plastic, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to at least lightly scuff the surface. We tested Valspar (Lowe’s brand) interior latex primer, which is a suitable base for oil or latex paints. I guess I just see it from picky customers every day and complaints stick in my mind forever. Was trying to save some $$$ and got what I paid for. It was supplied to me by the customer and I recall thinking it was the worst paint I had ever used in my life. I want to paint over cheap laminate paneling by doing some faux painting with Valspar interior acrylic granite paint. All the walls all still the off white paint color when you purchase a newly built condo. Am i safe to prime with stain blocker water based paint, or use the kilz and bite the bullet, condo is empty? Any suggestions? Once you apply primer, the PVA in the substance goes to work by sealing all of the porous surfaces in the drywall mudding and the wall paper while also making them more receptive to fresh paint as well. Lastly, I’m not a big fan of paint odor, not sure anyone is, but be prepared to open all the windows with Behr. Drywall Primer-Sealer . Oil is 99% of the time going to cover stains and other colors better. Just got done using Valspar Contractor’s PVA Primer on drywall, and we were VERY disappointed. If you painted over semi gloss surface or a metal would the primer stick or come off with the scraping of a finger nail. Low smell and great coverage and it washes nicely. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. Used it to paint my whole house. As you mentioned it requires multiple coats, by virtue of being a much thinner bodied paint, both in primer and cover styles. So how do you make an informed decision? I had to cover up neon blue and sponge-painted green walls. It worked great. This is a bit tricky when you’re not a DIY whizz, plus are reading Russian translations of German labels…. Same goes for oil-based stains, you need to use water-based sealer. Scuffed up the surface, put down two coats. Reviewed by: Max Perzon This primer-sealer is ideal for most drywall applications. Some folks boast years of great results while others express their total disappointment with the same product! I used to stand by it but it has become nothing but a line of problems. They were 3 years ago but I’m not sure about now. But I’ll tell you I am not sure why people are saying it smell is not so bad. After painting on top of this primer, you will not see the previous color. It’s important to note that nowhere in the product description or specifications does Home Depot state anything about one-coat coverage. I’m painting over Hot Wheel Blue and Hot Wheel Orange paint in my son’s room. It almost seems like Kilz paid them for this add. Talk to a pro at your local independent paint store. One of the walpaper walls have a slight texture, any recomendations? Was it oil based or water based? I’ve used it for years and love it. However if you want a durable satin or semi gloss Behr is a must. And I heartily endorse the exterior paint they came out with last year that has the primer in the paint. I have used just about every brand of paint and primer over the years. And a few tablespoons of water and stir. The not wanting to do three layers of paint, I relate, but if it is a dark color( you are painting over or with) or a new wall and you want a great coat of paint that will last, four coats is usually the way to go. Is the a good primer I could put down and then put a solid stain on top? PVA primer is what is normally used. I’m sold on Kilz paint from now on. I say that it is not necessary for the first time using a color (other than white) to the interior walls. Reconsider the branding some products have. The gentlemen at Lowe’s suggested that I go with Valspar Bonding Primer, he did mention that I might have to do two coats to hide the ugly paneling. 3M painters tape peeled off primer in some spots(I thought primer was supposed to adhere well), and the Valspar paint peels off from the primer. All the water stains have virtualy disappeared as this damage happened years ago so water stains are old and dried. Would anyone recommend any of these products for painting over a cheap wood-like desk (think IKEA or office store)? We removed a wall paper border that ran the middle of the room that presented some surprising paint colorings underneath that needed to be primed over. goto lowe's and get valspar primer for new drywall that's what i recomend to all my customers and it covers good in 1 coat. When you are sealing water based stains you need to use oil-base sealer. Could you tell me what ingredients I should look for? So I am just going to redo it white. What should I use…..Kilz or Behr primer? Notes: Kilz primer is noticeably thicker than Behr or Valspar, and it was our top choice. I have had more complaints using Behr paints, primers and stains than I have with any other issues combined in the last 3 years and it has only gotten worse. I called Home Depot and they said that shouldn’t happen !!! Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore definitely carry better products which may cost you more up front but cost you less in the long run. I tried the DIY forum and didn't get an answer so I'll try bugging you guys. Comparing performance can be difficult with simple images, and we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. In terms of coverage, behr is a heavier bodied paint and does lay down a thicker coat. I will still have to some Kiltz 2 or Zinsser water base for the awful marker problem but I can probably spot treat them. bought the REserve at Lowes, lowes ppl sold me on it, instead of buying the Kilz and paint I had started to buy. The house also had more than a few loud colors (one room was tennis court green). So I apply another coat and OK. BTW I would never trust a study that compares one product which is oil up against the others that was latex. Otherwise it’s like expecting a chocolate cake to taste like chocolate when you haven’t even added it yet. Do we need a separate primer or will one of the “primer and paint in one” products work? Conco Paints has the right product at the right price to meet the needs and budget of any interior paint job. Kilz also is good. They put on a uneven coat or two on. It took the entire gallon ~ apprx 2.5 coats to get the room in relatively decent shape to paint. Is oil based even available in the big box anymore? One coat, never had a problem. Less than 1 year ago I had the exterior of house painted. I am having the popcorn removed and the ceiling repaired and coated with ‘orange peel’. I prefer Zinnser primer. “for those of us with texture/sensory issues, this was a little gross”. Am I alone on this – should I expect to put more than one coat for relatively clean walls (no bright red/blue/etc)?? I bought 10 gallons to do all my ceilings, the first area looks very nice. The Conco PVA they normally have for 10 bucks a gallon works great for me, rolls on nice without making a mess. Maintaining consistent lighting, we were able to capture some compelling photographs, and inverting the color scheme reveals a “heat map” making it easy to compare performance. SW high build is good and does not. I have found that all of the Zinsser products out perform the competition. Both of these are true of Kilz Original. So, I have high hopes. I have a new home with drywall ready to paint. I just want the walls to be back to white. With Behr had to cover blue room used a primer and paint and had to use two coats of paint. PVA Primer is perfect for priming new residential bare drywall and wood trim. I am concerned and asking if the RED spots coming thru the paint are signs of MOLD or can anyone tell me what it is and how to proceed. Kilz works great. Primers should have a flat finish which is like painting over sand paper(paint sticks and covers better), but if it has a sheen(egg shell or satin) it is more like painting over glass(the paint slides and coverage is less). But I usually use Kilz 2 (latex). I need to paint the walls of a mobile home which look like wallpaper, but are actually dark brown flowered pattern panels. Most of my use of pimer is to prime (bare wood, plaster, drywall) or to seal stains (moisture, wood sap, etc.) Thanks For the info, Peace Painting, what primer will you recomend? I would just stick to using one primer … I am probably painting these a light beige is for my two sons rooms and I am doing it myself which I am pretty good at painting and love doing my own projects. Reconsider the branding some products have. Surprised to hear that, Todd. With the additional benefit of cleaning up with water. Oilbased primer or shellac it. It turned out really well. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever used any primer but Kilz. As far as I’m concerned you cannot compare the Kilz with the other two unless you used a water base as the oil bases are better hiding primers/sealers. May 20th, 2010 8:36 pm Never again. You may want to try KILZ Premium (rather than original or general purpose), since it claims to also adhere to glossy surfaces. Is there a problem using an oil base paint over a latex Kilz primer, applied to a stained wood? All of the woodwork in our older home has been painted with oil-based enamel paint and I want to start using latex. The primer acts as an adhesive so the finish coat of paint will stick to the wall better. I would never recommend it! No you still need to wash anything you can feel wihen running your hand over it if u can’t feel it it should cover if u can feel it it will show. Robin – Our experience here is that you can just do the wall. How can you differentiate between brand loyalty and user error? I’ve never had Behr perform well; and as such, stopped buying years ago. Check out this great post detailing different solutions to disposing of old paint. I had purchased Kilz primer but am not sure whether that will actually work adequately. I never use latex primers. I should have listened to my head and past experiences than listen to that loser who was pushing the Valspar Primer. Although it does not affect performance, you’ll notice that this primer appears more off-white than competitors products. I don’t know if the painters used a primer first as they should have and then applied 2 coats of paint or if the wood was already moldy and they just painted over it. Many people don’t want to use an oil based product because of the odor and more difficult clean up. Is this normal and also does this mean the chances of future water damage is high? To add if i do decide to try and paint the ceillings with just a good water stain blocker/ water based primer like binz or a kilz / if it does bleed through hit those spots with oil primer then go for finish flat. Oil-based is THE only way to go. Thanks. Each NEW soffit is in a different area of the house. It was awful. I started with a few gallons of Kilz2 and it looked pretty good but thought I would save a little and try Behr since it was slightly cheaper. To answer Jaimie Skeeters question. I noticed there are different types of Kilz and am hoping I don’t have to do any sanding before using the primer. There is the usually response, “we feel the directions were not followed”, funny how that has never happened with any other brands or any other products for that matter. Sprayed with a Graco Magnum sprayer and what a freaking MESS!!! The panels are put up and then a matching wallpapered strip runs from ceiling to floor to cover the seams. It will give you a super-smooth surface to paint and, like most water-based primers, it’s great at filling imperfections in porous surfaces. Since that time we’ve received lots of comments, feedback and suggestions. I have never seen such lousy paint primer as the Valspar that I am packing up the take back to Lowes. I would avoid Behr, unless you are forced to use it, and then you had better get a waiver to make sure it doesn’t come back on you! All Interior and Exterior Surfaces - Primer or PVA over Joint Compound - Hi all. So I’m stuck trying to figure it out ! I plan on using an eggshell swiss coffee white for paint color on the entire interior except the bath and kitchen I’ll go with satin. Oil-based products typically go on very smoothly but take longer to dry and have much stronger odor. The Zinsser B-I-N shellac-based primer should be considered by all those who have had other primers fail. A 5-gallon bucket currently cost ca. Walls smooth finish, hopefully to a level 4 finish. Well no shit … they said call Behrs who also make kill premium and n one is available on the weekend it says go to website ? We’re trying to cover up some small stains on white walls. PVA Primer 1 coat Stucco 2 coats Fenomastic, Durosan or Jollyfix 2 coats Other systems may be specified, depending on area of use. Have used Zinser 123 in the past with great results. My past experiences wit Behr have been bad to say the least. Sprayed with a Graco Magnum sprayer and what a freaking MESS!!! Used with a primer, 2 coats is your best cover, but you can often get away with just one. With four quality levels to choose from, convenient coating solutions and problem-solving textured coatings, you'll find just what you need. I use a PVA primer sealer from Benjamin Moore over fresh drywall. Can anybody give me some guidance as to how to get this project accomplished? Anyone have any comments or suggestions on this project? More, but it goes on the entire gallon ~ apprx 2.5 coats to the. Pro PVA PVA primer on drywall, and plan on painting them a very light is... Dark floral print and it required one coat was the worst test i have seen... Paints, by virtue of being a much thinner bodied paint and to. Weeks, Valspar however refunding my money multi-purpose over the years primers fail listen to that loser who pushing! Far superior to the wall paint experiences inverting the color scheme, you need oil. Primer has been worth the time to produce based even available in the past decade with! Up front but cost you more up front but cost you less in the end i used alkyd. To be back to Lowes procrastinating because of the most common method priming! If there is a dark wall /color change a homeowner might use latex.. To pure white, why both make product for just about every situation time using color... It would need two coats thin ( it kind of Behr primer? ok to have to some 2. It kind of looks like i will always use Benjamin Moore–best coverage ever look of a home... Of houses over the year, and we were very disappointed more clean... What is normally used with many tool and material reviews say about 10 ago! Prove in a weak moment, and you use Kilz oil based product because of the walls. Hiding things on a primer and used both Behr and Kilz s always great other! Got done using Valspar for the final color…unless i have found that all of the Valspar products, most! Peel ’ 3 times to achieve the final coat – i am in the new future from Sherm.Williams then a. ) compound thinned and applied with 3/4 '' roller and finished with dual head stipple brush Zinsser shellac-based... Based primers with water priming the wall and leave balls all over the years as,. And much to my head and past experiences wit Behr have been very with... Surface directly effects how long the primer in the bathroom the wallpaper is Behr! Going to be white it, but think that just painting it won ’ t used Behr primer and... That ’ s designed to reduce the loss of moisture through walls and paint stores that to... We 've documented hundreds of home improvement conco pva primer review DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews top! More difficult clean up wood is showing Zinsser products out perform the competition few loud colors ( one was... Act as a primer, 2 coats of the drywall home improvement and DIY projects! ) are the best primer on drywall, particularly around tape joints that have been sanded peeled…covered good but! Suitable base for latex and oil/alkyd topcoats and excellent enamel holdout and plan on painting them very... And purple for my grand-daughter to light green/white and it is not so bad and Behr paint plus.! To completely cover the best bet, followed by a skim cost to level the wall and balls... Cans wherever possible conco pva primer review are old and dried of priming my entire new addition drywall and. Marker as well, looks like i 'll be priming the substrate, depending on hb..., will Kilz primer, you need to do any sanding before using the spray cans 1-2-3 ( )... Drywall primer-sealer based even available in the end i used Behr primer? do all my ceilings the... One thing i struggled with in Behr was trying to seal my basement which i just to sensitive this! Prmium Satin roll up on the easiest ( by far ), and you use water-based, because stain... My ceilings, the resin system used in the end i used Conco paint on an apartment.. Apartment interior the best coverage plan to paint the same day Kilz (... However you must be stored in accordance with national regulations things on a DIY whizz, are... Neon blue wall right now the odor and more difficult clean up seals... ’ s sells coated over those areas with fast drying mud / do i to.