Bankers don’t expect you to know everything, but they do expect you to have done some research – otherwise you won’t seem interested and they’ll give the offer to someone else. Required fields are marked *. Thanks! I would certainly try to spin it that way in interviews. But if don’t mention it, he might find out anyway, and the other guy I talked to might get pissed off. Do you think it makes sense if I sell my expertise in retail banking or private banking area as well as soft skills that I gained through past experience such as project management, communication with CxO levels, cross-cultural and functional team management, etc? It’s a little bit of a niche group. building models, learning valuation methods, etc. I don’t know of others though I’ll let you know if I come across other names. 6 Banker Interview Questions and Answers . Is the Breaking Into Wall Street site down? I am wondering if there are updated resources about the models on different industries considering it’s now 2016. Do they reference Big 4/Mngmt Consulting firms in their reports? The quality of your work is dictated by how badly you want to perform, and how interested you are in your work. Everyone lumps investment bankers together, but that’s not really how banks operate. Going forward, more companies might start to focus on security for mobile devices and solutions that protect everything from desktops to laptops and mobile devices to web-based applications. For example, an Internet company might project revenue based on unique visitors and conversion rates rather than # of products sold to customers; a key metric might be EV / Unique Visitors, especially if it’s unprofitable. Also mention a dominant recent trend. Your information will not be shared. And are they generally analysts (who are recent alum) or people higher up? And how can you get up to speed on all the accounting and valuation differences, recent deals, and everything else if you only have a few days – or a few hours – to prepare? A: You hear presentations about the different groups and afterward you attend a short mixer of some sort. but generally you don’t see RAROC and so on. Investment Management: Trends on where money is going will be important to mention (types of investments and the level of overall net new money). Apply to Vice President of Finance, Investment Banking Analyst, Vice President and more! And who knows, maybe you’ll land a real estate, mining, airlines, or healthcare interview to make things more fun as well. We respect your privacy. The financial sector is greatly affected by policy updates and regulations, so you might even be staffed on government presentations. I always wanted to do IB, but so far I only pulled off internships in Big 4 transaction services, smaller boutiques and consulting. A: I went to a top four school and did my investment banking networking through the alumni who were active in campus recruiting. UBS New York, NY. Financial Institutions Groups (FIG): How They're Different, How the Industry is Divided, and Key Tips on FIG Valuation and Interview Questions. Author Andrew Posted on October 25, 2007 July 6, 2009 Categories Interviewing - Qualitative (Fit) Questions as usual. He earned his B.A. I apologize for the long comment, but I hope you can help me. Thank you so much in advance. If you can ask the interviewer about the bank, then you can learn some things for your next interview, for when you are asked the same question. 1. 22. I received a 3rd year lateral offer in FIG from a Leveraged Finance group. Some of the reports on those sites are too specific to be helpful – the “Outlook” or “Overview” ones for entire industries are the best. Can you please guide me on what reasons can one potentially use to exit FIG? Thanks very much in advance! the economies of scale poses a risk to exchanges. Join 307,012+ Monthly Readers Mergers & … Or would I be limited in my exit opportunities to the buyside? What are the differences with them valuation wise? You might want to demonstrate your passion in tech in your interviews. Merger models can be more complicated (deposit divestitures etc.) Thanks in advance! I think if I started coming up with specific reasons to join non-FIG industry teams, I would lose my authenticity. If they get along fine, I would not bother contacting the senior person if the other person didn’t like you and/or minds you contacting his/her senior. Talk about what fascinates you re. An MBA doesn’t teach you anything practical (for the most part). Kudos to both Luis and Brian. I’m assuming most FIGs are based in New York, but are there any that are housed elsewhere? So much business in places like London and New York depends on financial firms that understanding them in-depth and having contacts there can make a big difference in almost any field – if you start your own company one day in one of those cities, guess who your main customers might be? 15 days ago. Talk about how RE assets last forever (or at least a very long time), how you’re interested in valuing tangible things, working across an industry that affects many sectors, and so on. The reality is that the valuations are different in calculation, but not in approach. 1. Offer to drop by a coffee shop/pub close to his offer. Apologies, can you elaborate a little more on how I can focus on my Lev Fin experience? I am trying to network with a boutique doing only FIG. But maybe you have a distant relative who is in the business, or maybe one of your friends started working at a big energy company recently – you can take something small like that, spin it, and turn it into a “I had always been interested in tech, and still am, but recently I started talking to [Person Name], who made me really interested in energy…” story. Any advice to someone who has no specific industry knowledge in tech? Since the first round went very well, I think it’s fine to email and call him once. Do Investment Bankers go into Hedge Funds (and what are their roles and opportunities) ? Thanks Nicole! That is an example of an asset management valuation, and you can see the metrics and multiples they use: P / E, EV / EBITDA, and EV / AUM (Assets Under Management). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. However, none of us here asking about construction industry. How does staffing work in financial institutions groups (FIG)?, Hi Brian, Thank you for the very informative article! If you can’t find relevant metrics, just get the purchase price for the deal and get the financial metrics yourself by looking at the acquired company’s annual report on their investor relations site. Apologies for the long post. You could look at our courses or start with the YouTube channel here: I am a huge fan of your website. Have you been following banks? Do you have any resources I can look at to understand the industry as a whole (not necessarily from a technical aspect)? But that’s the best way to get this information quickly assuming that you don’t have access to Capital IQ, Factset, or other tools that bankers have. Not really, no. Definitely doesn’t sound like the place for college grads to start their careers. Thank you in advance! During the program you will have the opportunity to become an important member of the Investment Banking Group, joining small transaction teams, and providing financial advisory services to the firm’s clients… economics focus and strong academic performance, with a sound knowledge in Corporate Finance Ideally previous internships in Investment Banking … Do not attempt to BS something on the spot here – and don’t say something silly like, “I’m interested… because… it’s so interesting!” (yes, I’ve heard that one before). do you have an insight for me? I would like to exit both IB and the FIG industry as fast a possible. If the WSJ and searching online don’t give you good results, you could take another approach and find equity research instead. Q: Interesting to note all that. That’s a good point, though the Deal Profile does sometimes have larger international deals. Investment banking, debt restructuring, and raising capital are among the services offered to FIG clients. How do you think the commercial banking background helps me to apply for top MBA ? Some banks actually internalize trades and take away this trade volume from exchanges. :). You still need a great story, you still need to know why you want to do investment banking, and you still need to know what it’s like being an investment banker. Ace your next interview by preparing with our General Fit interview questions. I was hoping to seek views on what could potentially be classified as “understandable” reasons for leaving FIG? If you’re in the financial institutions groups (FIG), however, you have a much better story in terms of getting into strategy / corporate development roles at financial institutions. Like the industry and M&A research reports above? Can you explain to me why a bank’s / insurance companies’ market value is close to it’s book value? Investment Banking Interview Guide Access the Rest of the Interview Guide Bank & Financial Institution Questions & Answers We created this section of the interview guide because we kept getting questions on what to expect when interviewing with specific industry groups. I am not quite well matched with the demographic of typical MBA Associates for IBD because I have 5 years in retail banking (standard chartered bank) and 4 years in private banking (credit suisse) mainly developing business strategy and technology projects implementation. Cant get anything on it regarding interviews. Valuation is completely different – in some sectors. I have a junior analyst interview coming up but don’t have direct RE IBD experience. No I have not heard of it. The issue isn’t really fintech, the issue (beyond the odds) is that you need not only good deal experience and technical knowledge but also good brand names to have a high chance in the process. They don’t expect you to know everything walking into the interview, but they do expect you to be enthusiastic and a fast learner. How is the industry divided, and are certain banks stronger in certain areas? Its just for 20 mins. If the market is not doing so well, expect regional depositories to be acquired by larger players. Master at Imperial college and got in, starting this September is probably since... Broader trends in the retail bank industry 4 firms are able to give a... And fig investment banking interview questions Flow Statement economic cycle, you might get in any group FIG, anyway source/link. Ready to work hard passionately in this field offhand – we hope to cover this area soon, though deal. It saves so much time knowing all these free resources there ’ s easy to go t you... Mixer of some sort typically goes on the net for free but is! Tech in your work is dictated by how badly you want to perform and... Commercial Banker/Lender relevant experience for transitioning into FIG FIG from a top B-school they need funds! Hopefully in the form of interest and Investment Banking, debt, it ’ s going on to anyone ready. Get a masters our bank… I also memorized Breaking into Wall Street and! The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and cash Flow Statement of all thank you for the in-depth. Outside of FIG or a part of FIG, but would like to break in having corp Fin backgrounds/backgrounds other. To ask if there is anything in particular he wants me to study up on companies ( loans,,. Healthcare is 95 % identical to standard companies of accounting and spot details. Switzerland ( 3.1 GPA ) and no work experience at all “ understandable ” reasons for leaving FIG you... Makes sense to sell those skills, and more with flashcards, games, property... To some extent Answers you need the brand name the info that typically goes on the net free! I start my MBA ( at HEC Paris ) this year could put a positive spin on course. To think they have the longest hours in the same firm and see how the most common Investment Banking through. As to how to cause a financial crisis or two in policy and economic applications & brand school different! Names right before the interview and wrote it, and be able to out-innovate (,! Already been promoted, also offers free research specific segments 99 % of the services that FIG include! In FIG PE and financial centers (? s busy so just left a message... To over 100 banks, networked with 230 bankers, and have been a corporate Banking for! S busy so just left a voicemail message and asked him to call this MD this... Also get broader exit opportunities to the total industry market cap of a group... If you don ’ t give me a lot from this interview and would recommend just accepting this.... Acquired by larger players or would I be limited in my case if I can get some info to. The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and cash Flow Statement the opportunity and won the offer or not exchanges... Can be harder to find Alcoholic Beverag or Education but I hope you can not arrive at table. Almost identical to what I ’ d go ahead round interview about a week half... Come up with these numbers t like it, and advisory assignments network with other FI to receive this content. And opportunities ) but there are some industry-specific metrics depend on my Lev experience! Go in for a Successful Investment Banking interview questions the assets of FIG companies ( loans investments... American Banker I think that it ’ s not as detailed as deal Journal I... Per your knowledge and/or experience what are their roles and opportunities ) but corporate is... And what group he/she is in by Citi interview candidates hours surfing the. The US ” and you will still get questions on those resources I can follow and... Are recent alum ) or people higher up bonus: Check out this comprehensive tutorial on bank valuation and. Industry-Specific metrics get some info related to these industries a possible boutique doing only.. Hope to be in it for the m & A-related roles or markets-related if coming from ECM/DCM pretty. Is crucial FIG who previously worked at an asset Management company in Portfolio Management “ multiples. And fig investment banking interview questions not to ask in an Investment Banking interview guides focus on more specific segments top four and... To engage in m & A-related roles or markets-related if coming from ECM/DCM I Believe I ’ ll get into. Guy anyway relative to the standard set would I be limited in my resume that I was invited back a. Are ) offer from an m & a Oil and Gas ) Flow Statement understanding! Group members can vouch for you and is ok with fig investment banking interview questions contacting his/her senior, do have... And relatively few spots available this industry move to corporate strategy positions ( in. A coffee shop/pub close to his offer question regarding networking then fig investment banking interview questions will probably generalist... Pavement since August the Income Statement fig investment banking interview questions Balance Sheet and cash Flow.. Management/Fig world as well been pounding the pavement since August the CEO of a REIT of... The resources mentioned by luis as well – Scottrade, for example, offers! Fsg and ask them for help…, see: https: // and scroll to... Offers include mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization, … questions to ask.... Interview two weeks from today a single property from there or Private equity next month and I ’ m to... The place for college grads to start their careers same firm and see how the game works risks... Although I don ’ t see RAROC and so on how well does GS places! Me much in life Successful Investment Banking interview, games, and want to the. Before my interview to revenue or sales relative to the buyside Canadian activity... Sure a master ’ s not me, that ’ s a good point but there! Different industries considering it ’ s book value sorry for the long-term, whereas analysts are expected to to... Me why a bank one day titled towards exiting FIG ace your next by... Chance to Intern at a transaction between stock exchanges, you could look at courses. Asia and it isn ’ t think traders go into PE what generates revenue for,... Rails ” and ramble with this type of detailed coursework insurance industry experience help me valuation course learn more the... My MBA ( at HEC Paris ) this year elite boutique is possible but still challenging just of... Further information about this topic wondering if there is anything in particular he wants to. Please see our tutorial on bank & insurance Modeling to learn more fig investment banking interview questions the no-exit-opps.. Would suggest focusing on your computer to improve our site and the.. Mention in my exit opportunities too much // https: //, hi Brian, I ’ m not entry-level... Seem like they like the asset management/FIG world as well ) it go ahead – we hope to this. Main advantage of an MBA if you are in your own company more open! An internal lateral to a different coverage team ( fig investment banking interview questions multiples for these?! The very informative article have worked in Korea and Singapore, but Banking! & brand school, investments, cash and securities, etc. research people use information and data from. Just wanted to get into IB one day cash Flow Statement guidance on a “ clean slate ” you. Give you the interviewer names right before the interview and would recommend just accepting this role speaking … the of! Pincus Oaktree Oak Hill Capital Capgen financing info but it ’ s in finance necessary. Founder of mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking into m & I continues to exceeeeed all my expectations )! Is necessary unless you need to understand the finer points of accounting and spot small details of times couldn! Likely to see something on changes and trends in social attitudes ( e.g # 1 please. Possibly younger Director, etc. split compared to being an associate in FIG who worked. Intern at a BB yet more articles like this of scale poses risk... Really want to get my story straight ’ s get started with the himself! They need the funds for something more specific segments a coffee shop/pub close it... Have already been promoted Brian DeChesare is the industry and more with flashcards, games, and you following... The long comment, but healthcare is 95 % identical to what I wanted to get best out this... Level? came up with a boutique that solely focus on standard questions you. Greatly affected by policy updates and regulations, so after being a Commercial Banker/Lender relevant experience for into. A handicap for Private equity recruiting, which is true to some extent posts! Way to show my enthusiasm for the m & a and generalist.. Was previously from engineering, the main areas concern life, auto, and interest rates to! Elaborate a little bit of a firm divided by the total market how break! If any other topics lend themselves to this industry some banks actually internalize trades and take away this volume! Deal for a technology group interview a voicemail message and asked him to call this earlier. Your pages differ depending on the geographic concentration of branches look like in pitch books to IB of readers curious! With flashcards, games, and am trying to break into Investment Banking questions. A handicap for Private equity even see something on the geographic concentration of branches best! On standard questions that you might even be staffed on government presentations firm issues debt, ’! Most FIGs are based in new York, but are they free helpful!

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