Price Range: 150-300php/person and YES that includes the cute tumblers. Food Panda has now hidden charges! Order food delivery and take out online from Macao Imperial Tea Canada (2401 McPhillips St, Winnipeg, MB R2V 3S6, Canada). Hope they properly checked their pearls next time. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. Served Iced. Product was not that cold anymore so cheesecake cream floated and was runny, I don't think it's the travel time tho bec I arriced fast, just chill premade products next time, thanks! Promo Mechanics: 1.) Thanks. its a chocolate milk tea topped with thick cheese. The shop offers tea, coffee, and sodas plus cakes and snacks. I placed my order at around 2pm and it arrived past 5 , Instructed for more ice and sugar but it was not followed. Served Iced. Given the distance of the store, delivery speed was very reasonable. Macao Imperial is famous for its three bestsellers: the Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea and Cream Cheese Oreo and Matcha flavors. Just want to check on the delivery charge. It’s my first time using Food Panda. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea by Macao Imperial Tea Another bestseller from Macao Imperial Tea is this mouthwatering concoction of chocolate cookies and salty cream cheese. When you ordered Cheesecake milktea for both drink and gave you foam milktea!!!! $6.40. Tuesday 10:00 am - 05:40 pm. Maior (23oz) 160.00. Tea. Mr. Avin Ong’s personal favorite is the Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea, but the Cream Cheese Uji Matcha is also very good. Macao Imperial Tea - Lucky Chinatown Mall Asian,Milk Tea,Beverages. What I like about their drinks is that they’re not too sweet, even their specialty ones like this. I have never been in this branch but we have tried their products via grab food and most of us always order cheesecake and pearl Sorry, this order is not available for reorder at the moment. Tama rin timpla ng milktea ❤️. I believe that Macao imperial is one of the few milktea shops that started the second wave of milktea craze. My son’s pick. ... Macao Imperial Tea - Harbor Point is accepting orders until 7:00 PM only. Tea. I like that your delivery fee is way cheaper. 3.) from ₱138.00. Very dissapointed and upset. Select options. Upon my first try, I combined cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla extract, and lemon extract in the mixer and ended up with a mixture that tastes like Macao Imperial Tea’s cheesecake topping but that fluffy dense texture wasn’t there. from ₱127.50, from ₱114.75, from ₱119.00, from ₱131.75, from ₱110.50, from ₱102.00, from ₱106.25, from ₱93.50, from ₱76.50, from ₱63.75, from ₱140.25, from ₱148.75, Chocolate Shortbread Cookie Mocha Mpresso, foodpanda Philippines is operated by the Delivery Hero group of companies, Mon - Sun 10:00 AM - 10:45 PM, 10:00 AM - 10:45 PM. Other unique drinks to choose from in the series are Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea and Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea. It’s just like pinned location. CHOCOLATE SERIES. Promo is valid the whole day on the said dates. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. Tea. i noted not to get plastic straws anymore, but still got it. The driver did not replaced it and only said, to just re transffered the liquid to the cup it didn't spilled out the plastic. However for me I felt the quality kinda diminished a bit. ... Macao Imperial Tea Angeles City, Pampanga. from ₱165.00. Servings: Alto (16oz) 150.00. They were all delicious, but for me it is a little bit pricey. from ₱127.00. from ₱138.00. I’m more on Grab. (Selected Macao Imperial Tea branches only) 2.) I have never been in this branch but we have tried their products via grab food and most of us always order cheesecake and pearl milk tea. ... Macao Imperial Tea is located at 780 Banawe Street, Quezon City (right across Eng Ho Bakeshop).- from ₱99.00. I love Green Coffee’s milk teas because you can actually taste the tea … Macao Imperial Tea Best-sellers: Click Here Customers can enjoy the following: A. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. I loved it. Sun Tea. Rider - i suggested the route na hindi sya mag babayad ng extra sa guard house. This is the first franchise branch here in Davao City located at SM Lanang Premier and soon to open a branch at the south side area. Brewed Lemon Red Iced Tea. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. Macao Imperial Tea is currently one of Philippines’ fastest-growing Milk Tea Shops and they are celebrating their 3rd Anniversary in the Philippines on June … Flavors to try: Blue Curacao, Cherry Blossom, Green Apple, Midsummer, and Over the Rainbow! 4.6. More photos of what I’ve tried from their menu: I also tried their ginger flavored milk tea and the taste is quite mysterious for me. Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea. Please try again. Not the TARO I was looking for, consistency was too thick, The pearl was not cooked since its not soft and chewy. Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. Cream Cheese Milk Tea and Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. from ₱154.00. Size: ₱135.00. Macao Imperial Tea Philippines is owned by Fredley Group of Companies with Avin Ong as its CEO. This is the worst Order I ever had with Macao.. My food arrived here in half cup as it all spills in the plastic bag and rider's lala bag. Black Pearl Milk Tea. from ₱161.00. I even put it in the instructions. The only good thing we can say was the deliver was fast, Thanks to kuya rider ang bait po. Macao Imperial Tea’s Cream Cheese Milk Tea (P120) isn’t overly sweet, letting the natural slightly floral flavor of the tea shine (they use jasmine tea). I have also tried their cream cheese cocoa, cream cheese oreo milk tea, and hot white mocha. (Selected Macao Imperial Tea branches only) 2.) drink from the cup and not from the straw for this line of beverage. Served Iced. 2008-2020 © Zomato™ Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved. Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. Served Iced. Original Milk Tea. Macao Imperial Tea - SM City Bacolod Asian,Milk Tea,Beverages. 4. 3.) Please check back again tomorrow. Fine Salt & Cheese Milk Tea of Green Coffee. For milk tea fans, you can choose from their Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, or Milk Tea series. Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. from ₱119.00 ₱140.00 Still my fave place to get milktea! Cranberry Tea. The combination of cheesecake and milk tea seems quite hard to find in other milk tea shops. Served Iced. Image credit: Macao Imperial Tea Philippines Or if you and your mates fancy a milk tea party, you can get a set of four drinks – maior -sized Cream Cheese Oreo, Cream Cheese Cocoa, Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha, and Cheesecake and Pearl – for only P600 (~12.36). (I was there in this branch when they opened way back 2017.) In the bill there's a 19 pesos delivery fee but when we paid the rider he asked for 50 pesos delivery charge. Hard pearls but the milk tea was still good. Caramel Macchiato, Milk Tea, Pastries, Drink, Desserts, Coffee, Packaging, Nice Interiors, Parking Space, Nice Place, Crew, Great Place. Please clarify. Original Milk Tea. They built a second floor though to accommodate more customers but the toilet is dirty. Oh my the cream cheese mixed with oreo was just heavenly. We can't return it and we can't waste it ether we even paid for delivery fee that was the order was poorly delivery. Check out Macao Imperial Tea in SM City Cebu, Cebu. It takes time for the reply button to work. Genuine, memorable, and special -- this is what Macao Imperial Tea brings in each and every cup that’s especially made FOR YOU. But he insisted na dun sya dadaan. Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. I ordered 2 milk tea! Sun Tea, located in Mall of Asia, is a fairly new milk-tea brand that specializes in all things … Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. Milk Tea. Size: ₱140.00. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea Best seller! This is a must-try, the best Ghirardhelli drink I’ve ever tasted. Served Iced. It has something like of a combination of different tea leaves and I think its perfect for the hardcore tea lovers. Kumquat Lemon Tea. The sweet, cheesy and creamy textured cheesecake sits at the bottom of the drink and surprisingly goes really well with the tea. But aside from that everything was good, Di lang puno yung cup ko. Green Apple Soda (Medium) Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. from ₱173.00. Blue Curacao Soda (Medium) $6.99. Please fix the reply button for the rider in the application. Served Iced. By continuing past this page, you agree to our Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Content Policies. By using this site you agree to Zomato's use of cookies to give you a personalised experience. Delivery Days and Hours. Browse their menu and store hours. Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. Macao used a very low quality cover for the cup, my drink spilled because the lid opened up. 780 Banawe Street, Siena, Banawe, Quezon City. D. Free cream cheese or chestnut cream add-on for every purchase of Macao Imperial Tea drink when they use their Elite Card. another will be the Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea (P120)and as expected, with real oreo bits I order 530pm and it’s included in the promo of free upgrade to 1 liter but when it arrived it’s just the normal size. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. (Selected Macao Imperial Tea branches only) 2.) Cranberry Tea. Kulang sa tamis ng konting-konte. Tea. Macao Imperial Tea. Milk Tea Series Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea – 100php. Now with atleast 70+ shops around the metro, you would know that this place is really good. I got my order 40mins after i placed my order.,the food are cold already and i already loose my apetite.spagetti are cold nuggets are cold and the orange juice tasted like water because of the ice, Food - hindi na sunod ung sugar level ng orders ko. 4.7. Brewed Lemon Iced Red Tea. Same with Cream Cheese MT of Macao Imperial, Green Coffee’s Fine Salt & Cheese Milk Tea taste better if you don’t stir & mix the drink. As one of the fastest-growing cafe chains that's proudly born in Macau, Macao Imperial Tea takes a deeply-rooted approach that highlights a mix of the rich Macanese culture and a personalized experience. $6.40. Nag additional pako sa size natapon lang din. I know that there could raods that are bumpy but with my previous orders, riders made sure it is safe and does not spill. Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea (Large) ₱ 140.00. Cranberry Tea. Tapos yung cheesecake tinipid na nila ang lagay, unlike before ang daming cheesecake. Thank you. Only one straw was delivered! ... Macao Imperial Tea - SM Pulilan will open at 10:00 AM. Macao Imperial Tea. Cherry Blossom Soda (Medium) $6.99. Promo is valid the whole day on the said dates. Original Milk Tea. Add ons. Personally, I loved the Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea, but I also recommend their Soda Series which come in reusable tumblers at Php 145 each! They wrote my letter on the cup. I would order this drink for dessert next time! I just didn’t like that I could see the driver’s location real time. D. Free cream cheese or chestnut cream add-on for every purchase of Macao Imperial Tea drink when they use their Elite Card. Brewed Lemon Red Iced Tea. I also tried the Banoffee Pie with sweet chunks of bananas topped with whipped cream. Packaging- nag leak ung mga drinks namin. Milk Tea. I want a refund!!!! Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea Add Your Review ₱140.00. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea (Regular) ₱ 140.00. Cream Cheese Cocoa. If you enjoy the stronger earthy-yet-sweet flavor of matcha, Cream Cheese Uji Matcha (P130) is a must-try. Cream Cheese Cocoa. Served Iced. D. Free cream cheese or chestnut cream add-on for every purchase of Macao Imperial Tea drink when they use their Elite Card. Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea Alto + Chestnut Cream Milk Tea Alto for only 199.00 B. Maior Sized bundle deal of 600.00 (Chestnut Uji Matcha + Cream Cheese Oreo + Cream Cheese Cocoa + Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea + FREE Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Tea SAVE 160.00 . Monday 10:00 am - 05:40 pm. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Just like how the name itself is a mouthful, this flavor is tasty treat for the taste buds! Select options. And thank you sa macao bf resort branch palagi complete ordeers namin❤️, Asked for 25 pesos gate pass without receipt. Milk Tea. MACAO IMPERIAL TEA (MIT) is a global milk tea brand from Macau, with over 200 branches worldwide. You can pre-order for delivery later. Alto sized Cheesecake and Pearl and Chestnut Cream Tea, An iced caramel macchiato flavored drink placed in a glass white bear tumbler, An iced strawberry milk flavored drink placed in a glass black bear tumbler, AEC Building 2 at 44 Gloria Diaz Street BF Resort Village Talon Dos 2nd District, We've sent a 4-digit code to %phoneNumber%. Thankyou macao okay na puno na yung cup ko so happy thankyou, I asked for no straw anymore but they still gave me. Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. It couldn’t be zoomed in. Macao Imperial Tea also offers a variety of cakes, pastries and desserts to pair up with your chosen beverages. Cranberry Tea. Like service of foodpanda ontime...rider are courteous, Parang Nag iba n lasa ng original milk tea compared before. It’s best when the fine salt & cheese is on top. Please read the, Help us make Zomato more updated and relevant for everyone, See all 90 Macao Imperial Tea outlets in Metro Manila, Restaurants in Quezon City, Quezon City Restaurants. Maior (23oz) 160.00. from ₱132.00. Extra fee for me. Kumquat Lemon Tea. Please make sure to deliver it properly. 3.) Someone in just bought Cream Cheese Cocoa. Servings: Alto (16oz) 140.00. If you haven't received any text message, please contact our customer support. Add to Cart. How are we supposed to drink the othe milk tea without straw? Served Iced. Kumquat Lemon Tea. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. Porket pick up and discounted ganoon na, Siningil ako ng 25 gatefee kasi wala daw sticker si driver sa BF Resort . Macao Imperial Branches. If you love cheesecakes, then this is the perfect drink for you. Add to Cart. Beware of the end price, Sana inaayos nyu ang packaging. I ordered their Oreo Cheesecake (P145) and it was just so good. OMG. Check out Macao Imperial Tea in SM Seaside City Cebu, Cebu. Servings: Alto (16oz) 140.00. from ₱119.00 ₱140.00 Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea Best seller! Part of the chocolate series of Macao Imperial Tea Philippines is their Mpresso Frozen Hot Cocoa using Ghirardelli chocolate. It’s sad, One of the milk tea we ordered was spilled in the plastic, the driver instead of being careful while transporting, it spilled inside the plastic. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. We are worried if may be contaminated especially with the pandemic gerting worst. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea (Large) ₱ 160.00. Promo is valid the whole day on the said dates. Ridiculous and absurd!!! Served Iced. Soda Series . Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. It’s not responding. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea – 120php.

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