} Performance wise, the edp seems to last a bit longer, but the edt pushes out a bit more compared to the edp. Definitely test before buying! 5 with Featuring K by Dolce&Gabbana Eau de Toilette and K by Dolce&Gabbana Eau de Parfum, shop the range today and #OwnYourCrown! I blindbought this from Lord and Taylor about a month ago but it smelt very similar to Dior Sauvage (and I had to get rid of that one too cause it gave me a headache). Hudson's Bay Exclusive 91835124. quickview. On the other hand it is pretty basic, but still luxury scent, so it goes well with official and casual use. First impressions on a test on skin and tester strip. Pass. That’s an improvement that lets you know K has grown into itself more in the past year. This is a great new EDP and I see a lot of positive vibe here (unlike for the EDT), but I think I'm sticking with the more floral EDT for now. K by Dolce&Gabbana. The silver crown cap and darker blue juice make this fragrance less gaudy at first sight than the EDT. searchTerms: '', That's still what I really love about the EDT - that unique floral/woody vibe. Instantly conjuring the Italian countryside and the Mediterranean midday sun, the warm, enveloping embrace of K by Dolce & Gabbana evokes the fresh, earthy scent of wooded Tuscan hills. The K by Dolce&Gabbana fragrance range celebrates a new era of masculinity. _often i wonder if they have ever worn their  ^dolce e gabbana pour homme 1994^  perfume. } It seems like D&G have released a couple of big scents over the past few years. The story. [ eBucks price eB17300. Boots has products available in other retail outlets in a number of countries, select from the country-specific sites below to find out more: @media screen and (max-width: 1280px){.promo-espot{display: none !important;}} pageSize: 24, margin: 0px auto 1rem auto; { .cu-ribbon--icon{ The rough edges have been sanded out and the result is a denser, longer lasting version of the edt. Capturing the spirit of a modern king–a man who chooses his destiny with passion and confidence–is K by Dolce&Gabbana Eau de Parfum. Pigmento e fig nectar. Dolce & Gabbana K By Dolce&Gabbana Shower Gel 200ml Body Products . Want to save your wishlist? ], [ .cu-ribbon--icon{ This fragrance smells NOTHING and I say NOTHING similar to Sedley. If you wait a while it becomes better, but you can easily be that guy with too much cologne, if you use this. width: auto; K By Dolce&Gabbana: The Review You don’t have to be born into royalty anymore. I went to the store to sample it, and to my nose this version is quite different (at first, especially). It's my second favorite from y'all while my first will always be The One EDP. Arrived at Boots! Nice opening, something slightly different, not pleasing dry-down. background-image: none; It just is a deeper, richer smelling K. I think it's a pretty top notch scent, I've enjoyed it now greatly in my wears with it and its pushing for at least in the top 5 2020 releases. Maintaining the chiselled, geometric form of the original K by Dolce&Gabbana flacon, the bottle is now dressed in a deeper hue of regal blue, reflecting the new intensity of the magnetic fragrance within. A new era of masculinity. .cu-ribbon, .cu-ribbon{ Longevity is better although the edt is stronger in the beginning as mentioned below. } @media screen and (max-width: 37.5rem){ Boots Opticians This is a new fragrance. Mariano tried to mimic the Marlboro cowboy commercial, so its an overal decent scent for every ocassion. K by Dolce & Gabbana fragrance notes. Apply in the creases of your knees and elbows for a longer-lasting, stronger scent. Long lasting, pleasant without being too much and a very unique scent. Perfumes: 63134 And it is, but there is a note in the opening, maby a tea note, that is just to dominant for me, and making me prefer the edt. No , more on thé green side. View our offers. It lasts longer than Sedley, and I got my 100ml tester for $48! K by Dolce&Gabbana Eau de Toilette - The film 90" - YouTube } align-self:center; Dolce & Gabbana K by Dolce & Gabbana EdP 150ml - Find the lowest prices at PriceRunner Compare prices from 10 stores Don't overpay - SAVE today! Maybe it has to do the fact that how much better the edp really is. The bottle is 95% full in my estimation but please see pictures and judge for yourself. Balancing strength with a heart that is always kind, the K by Dolce&Gabbana man proves that he was born to not just wear his crown, but own it too. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/eBootsStorefrontAssetStore/images/NoImageIcon_sm.jpg" attributes: "-_--_--_--_--_--_--_-Best match-_-grid-_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_-Yes-_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_-Home | Dolce & Gabbana-_-Home | Dolce & Gabbana | K by Dolce&Gabbana-_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_--_-1" Not bad. In the case of K EDP, however, the bottle makes a great metaphor for what’s inside. Mirroring the rest of the K by Dolce&Gabbana range, the tube is navy blue and imprinted with the gold Dolce&Gabbana logo and signature crown, so it will look great standing next to your K by Dolce&Gabbana collection. currentPageNumber:1, K by Dolce & Gabbana was launched in 2019. } Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Boots Free Online NHS Repeat Prescription Service, how to order your NHS repeat prescriptions, Corporate Hepatitis B Vaccination Service, kids' Q&A with welsh women's football team, top confidence tips from women's footballers, When skincare meets make-up: discover your perfect No7 foundation, No7 Skin Pastes Explained : The Next Generation of Face Masks, Discover No7 Advanced Retinol 1.5% Complex Night Concentrate, visit discover no7 advanced retinol 1.5% complex night concentrate, No7 X Macmillan Common Treatments & Side Effects, No7 X Macmillan Partnership Find Out More, visit no7 x macmillan partnership eye look, visit no7 x macmillan partnership face look. "Attributes" : { { The EDT felt weak with no personality. "catentry_id" : "2454486", 99% Oscar De La Renta Gentleman, the domino one. Waaaaaay better than the EDT. A like. text-decoration: none; "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/eBootsStorefrontAssetStore/images/NoImageIcon.jpg", Size: One Size $117. You take the original and reduce it into a demi-glace and that is what you get with K EDP. totalResultCount: 6, This is a new fragrance. Quick view . K by Dolce&Gabbana is a fragrance which celebrates a new era of masculinity. It’s better than the edt for sure. Bought it as a blind buy and it's decidedly signature scent material. For 2019, their big push was this new scent, which they simply call K. /*Colour varient classes --- -- -*/ } } { Pleasant and unobtrusive this has decent longevity and is fair value for the spend. They stripped away everything that made the original unique. He follows his own path, cherishing his family and loved ones above all else. 202 votes. The original got needlessly bashed ,but if you disliked the edt I think you might really like the edp. } Not offensive at all. "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/eBootsStorefrontAssetStore/images/NoImageIcon.jpg", The opening features top notes of juniper berries, blood orange, and Sicilian lemon. This is just an axe/lynx bodyspray-esque fragrance. padding: 0; "ItemImage467" : "/wcsstore/eBootsStorefrontAssetStore/images/NoImageIcon.jpg", 3.83 background-color: #cc0033; It conjures the Italian countryside and the Mediterranean midday sun with a combination of citrus freshness, blood orange and Sicilian lemon, with a spark of spicy pimento essence yielding to an earthy vetiver. This is different. £29.50. I still love it, but I do wish it was longer lasting and performed better. A total improvement over the Edt ,better smother smell and much more lasting and powerful. .cu-ribbon{ Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Fragrance story: The Mediterranean citrus freshness of blood orange and Sicilian lemon embrace the senses, while the heart ignites the citrus with amber accents of clary sage married with crisp geranium and energizing lavandin. K By Dolce & Gabbana Cologne by Dolce & Gabbana, Embrace the life of royalty and feel like a king with every splash of K by Dolce & Gabbana on your skin. K by Dolce & Gabbana is a masculine fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana. Its a good one. } The K line is one of my favorites and this one really does everything right. } font: 1rem/1.3 arial, sans-serif; Estimated between and . { I have to give credit to DG for making such a brave and different move! Maby a bit softer en more elegant cause the bright citrus in the opening is toned down. { Help you to manage your diabetes, @media screen and (max-width: 1280px){.promo-espot{display: none !important;}} In the drydown I still get that tea note, but it smells more like the edt. Mothercare The Mediterranean citrus freshness of blood orange and Sicilian lemon scent embrace the senses. "Attributes" : { Overall a nice scent but not what I was hoping for. K by Dolce & Gabbana was created by Daphne Bugey and Nathalie Lorson. But I don't like the smell at all, just a matter of tastes. .cu-ribbon--icon ~ .cu-ribbon--text{ K by Dolce & Gabbana. K by Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Parfumwas launched in 2020. The Mediterranean citrus freshness of blood orange and Sicilian lemon scent embrace the senses. mySugr Pro FRAGRANCE K BY DOLCE & GABBANA. @interizta. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/eBootsStorefrontAssetStore/images/NoImageIcon_sm.jpg" Shop now To be honest I thought the citrusy aspects of the original K was alright but not everything else. "catentry_id" : "2454985", Registered office: Nottingham NG2 3AA.Registered in England: company number 928555. I'm a big fan of the EDT and decide to order a bottle of the EDP during lockdown without having experienced it in person. ], [ Dolce&Gabbana. Top notes are Blood Orange, Juniper Berries, Pimento, Lemon, Sicilian Lemon and Cardamom; middle notes are Fig Nectar, Geranium, Lavender and Clary Sage; base notes are Patchouli, … Thanks to Dolce&Gabbana, you can now spray the charm and courage of a king straight onto your pulse points. Find out more about international delivery, K by Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette 50ml, K by Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette 100ml, K by Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette 150ml. Introducing the new K by Dolce&Gabbana Eau de Parfum. This Edp version is so much better then the Edt , it's so complex with high quality ingredients and a great blend! }, }, background: #cc0033; Dolce & Gabbana K By Dolce&Gabbana Aftershave Lotion 100ml Lotion. font-size: .875rem; Tested it on my skin and it was just synthetically sweet and cloying. @media screen and (max-width: 800px){ Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer, with copper edged storage bag.Shop now, Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer, with copper edged storage bag.Shop now, @media screen and (max-width: 1280px){.promo-espot{display: none !important;}} Please log in to your account to add products to your favourites. Smells very similar to PDM Sedley. K by Dolce&Gabbana embodies the charismatic and generous spirit.